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BRANDS FEATURED - Alfa Athletics, Zoe Grinfeld, DUTCHXFASHION, wai waolani, Beautiful Genius, After9, and current member who will be launching soon!

in 6 months,
turn your fashion daydream into a business

You're here because you've realized that there are some things that Google just doesn't have the answers to.

You need a real-life person with experience that can answer YOUR questions - not someone else's hypotheticals.

Of course, you want help with your supply chain and figuring out how to get your product made (I mean, who doesn't?) but, you also need an expert to weigh in on questions like...

  • Is my idea a good one?
  • How many styles should I actually get started with?
  • And, should I hire this freelancer to make a tech pack for me?

If this is you, Launch My Conscious Line is your lifeline.

  • It's the new supportive BFFS you need (because your friends and family just don't seem to get the whole entrepreneur lifestyle thing),
  • the expert advice you've been searching for,
  • and the step-by-step hand-held help to create the life you want doing work that brings you joy (and of course makes you $$$).

like hiring a full-time consultant,
but for a fraction of the price

Until the fashion startup club the only way to get my help with your fashion business and supply chain was through private consultancy - pricey, and in short supply.

So, I created something more accessible. this isn't the typical online course, you know the type - with one size fits all teachings designed to help the masses.

Instead, this is you learning how to do your best work ever... and me giving you feedback when you hit a roadblock, answering all your questions in live, on the spot, group coaching calls.

Best of all, you will be learning from someone who cares about your brand as much as you do. (You even get my cell number!)

a community of fashion startup founders - just like you...


    The good news is you're not the only one feeling this way.

    We've all been there, scrolling through Instagram, jealously wondering.

    "how the heck did THEY start such a successful brand?"

    And why can't I?


    Tear up that free checklist because it's not going to help you. What you need is someone (like me) to answer all the questions that are specific to what you and your brand are going through, like, right NOW.

    Think about it, you and your brand are unique, so why shouldn't the help you get be custom tailored?


    I learned the hard way, so you don't have to. I know you are a busy person, with limited free time, my tried and true hacks will allow you to start your brand as quickly as possible.


    THAT'S OK! You don't need to know how to draw, design, or have any artistic ability at all to get your brand started!

hey there,
i'm melanie

I help entrepreneurs just like you start conscious businesses.

But, before I did this, I spent over a decade developing products for many of the brands you have in your closet. I have worked with the behemoths like Walmart and Target, as well as shaky startups that evolved into cult favorites like Nili Lotan and Hunter Boot.

I believe that to fix fashion, first, we need to understand how it’s made.

So, after living and working in countries like China, India, Taiwan, and the Philippines where I really got to see first-hand how the fashion industry operates, I now have a few ideas about how we can all be doing better.

my simple
4 step process

1. get organized and on a schedule

Each week you will get a pre-recorded lesson, each lesson is about 1 hour long, and you can watch it at any time at your own convenience. If you fall behind, don't worry the lessons are available for life.

It's everything you need to know, with zero fluff - shared with you in an easy to digest, overwhelm-free way.

2. do the work

Every week you will get a quick homework assignment. And, I promise you, this is not going to be busy work.

Every workbook, checklist, and excel I have you work on has strategic importance and is designed to help you move the needle from idea to launch in a sustainable burnout free way.

my simple
4 step process

3. get your specific questions answered

You can do this during the weekly live office hours, or 24/7 in the private slack group.

Can't make office hours? Don't worry. You can email me your question, I'll answer it, and you can watch the replay at the best time for you.

my simple
4 step process

4. repeat the next week

Yes, starting your fashion brand can really be that simple. And, I am here to hold your hand through every step of the process.

over 200 brands agree...

This course filled all the gaps in my industry knowledge that I was left with after graduating from fashion school. Melanie is like a production matchmaker, pairing students with ethical manufacturers for any product you can think of. Weekly office hours allowed space for brainstorming, problem-solving, and a great sense of community in the group. 

Zoe Grinfeld

My valuable takeaway from Melanie’s program was the personal connections with like-minded creatives working through similar issues. Together we learned from seasoned professionals and discovered pathways & opportunities to develop our own businesses.

christoper, cyc the shop

Melanie was able to help me scale my business and get wholesale ready. She continues to be my go-to sourcing resource as I grow my brand. Knowing that I had a strong supply chain to back up my orders helped give me the extra confidence I needed to start taking larger retail orders.

Arielle, Four Rabbit

here's everything you get in our 6 months together!

  1. 25 GROUP COACHING SESSIONS - to get all of your questions answered by me
  2. 24/7 CHAT SUPPORT - in the private slack group (this is also a great place to make new friends and network with fellow entrepreneurs)
  3. FREE LIFETIME TICKET TO SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKERS - I regularly set up special calls with other experts (PR, marketing, ads, design) and you get to pick their brains on live zoom calls
  4. 25 WEEKS OF FASHION LESSONS - think of this like SparkNotes for fashion startups
  5. ACCESS TO MY GLOBAL VIP SUPPLIER LIST - perfect for low MOQ startup orders
  6. CONTINUED SUPPORT EVEN AFTER THE 6 MONTHS - because I am 100% dedicated to your success 


client stories

As someone with entrepreneurial experience, who has shipped and sold in their market firsthand, and has a business background, I can tell you I learned something every week. Starting a brand from the ground up is completely different from working for one.

Olivia, After9

There were times when things were brought up in office hours, and I was like, I wasn't even thinking about that. Or, someone else was talking about something, and then a week later I was facing the same exact issue. But, now I know how to solve the problem myself!

Pilar, Alfa Athletics

Taking this course has given me the confidence I needed to really make this startup happen. It's like having a partner there with you every step of the way giving you feedback and advice. Taking this course was exactly what I needed to boost me in the right direction and I cannot say enough great things about it. 

Roselani, waiwaolani

let's face it...
if you're here,
you already know you're interested

one time payment


3 payments of

$997 x 3

frequently asked questions

I only need help sourcing, can I just buy phase 2?

Sorry, no. Please hear me out. I have been doing this for a long time. I have had VP's of marketing, e-comm sales gurus, and even brands that were already launched go through this exact program - and they all say the same thing "all the lessons I thought I already knew, ended up being the most valuable". I want to see you succeed. I don't just want you to get your product made, and for me to do my job, I need to make sure you have all the tools necessary for startup life..

I want to launch my line sooner than 6 months, is that possible?

Maybe. The course is designed to take you through the entire startup process. Industry-standard is that development and sampling takes 3 months, and production takes another 3 months. I have had students launch their line in as few as 4 months, but on average it takes at least 6. Sure, I could throw all the lessons at you in a few weeks, but again, I want to make sure you succeed. That is why the class is 6-months long, so I can be there holding your hand every step of the way.

I don't know how to design or draw, are you sure I can start a fashion brand?

ABSOLUTELY. Lucky for you, I have an entire arsenal of tips and tricks to take your designs from idea to reality, and I promise there are no drawing of sewing skills required!

I don't live in the USA, is that ok?

Of course. My students come from all over the world. From Hong Kong, to Serbia, to New Zeland, to Canada - we are an international community.

14-day money back guarantee

Let me start by saying this, The Fashion Startup Club is the most comprehensive mentorship program for anyone who is interested in launching their brand this year.

And, my exclusive community is highly curated and filled with founders just like you - they might be where you are now in the startup journey or are where you want to be in the future.

And, when you join you will be part of this special group.

In the 14 days after you join, you will gain access to the first two lessons. How To Create a Product that Sells Out Fast, and Building Your Brands Foundation.

In that time, you will have had the opportunity to deep dive into what really drives you, figure out how your brand will stand out from all the other “conscious, fair trade, eco, etc.” brands, and build brand assets. Think logos, taglines, colors, and fonts.

This is when your brand transforms from an idea to something real.

If you don’t feel totally confident in continuing to work on your brand and successfully launch it, simply email me, show me you have put in the work, and I’ll refund your investment.


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